The name BAOMAZING comes from two words; bao and amazing. We serve several bao’s and dim sum.

Bao or how the Chinese people call it, baozi, is a type of steamed filled bun or bread like. In China the bao exist more than 2.000 years and is very populair.

It can be eaten at any meal, breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. We serve two kinds of bao’s; open bao’s, also known as gua bao’s, and traditional closed bao’s. All bao’s has authentic fillings.

Furthermore we also have a variety of dim sum. Dim Sum are small bite- sized portions of chinese food and are served as fully cooked, ready- to- serve dishes. It’s very common in Hong Kong and often related to a loud and happy experience. We have steamed as well as pan- or deep fried dim sum.

Did we make you curious and hungry?
What are you waiting for, come on over and try some of our amazing bao’s and dim sum at BAOMAZING.

You can find us in the Foodhallen Rotterdam, nearby the beautiful Erasmus bridge.

See you soon!